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September 21, 2018               5/5 Stars

Emily H.

Darren is sooo thorough!  He caught an electrical panel issue (a safety issue, and a recall!!!) for my buyer that a previous inspector missed, and that allowed me to negotiate an extra $750 for my buyer, even with multiple backup offers!  Thanks Darren!


July 8, 2018                5/5 Stars

Dustin G.

On time and very professional.  His report was in-depth and feedback was excellent.  I highly recommend his services!


May 3, 2018                5/5 Stars

Eliot B.

I cannot say enough great things about Darren.  He was so easy to work with.  Scheduling was a breeze, he walked through the home with us, explained in great detail everything and then quickly provided an extremely detailed report.  His price was spot on and my wife and both feel like we couldn’t have picked a better home inspector for our first home.  After we read through the report he let us call him with more questions. If you want the consummate professional, look no further.


April 29, 2018              5/5 Stars

Cierra G.

He was very thorough & answered all of our questions.  We also appreciate his 12 month re-visit offer.


February 2, 2018                    5/5 Stars

Blake P.

Darren was fantastic and thorough.  Explained everything while doing a walk through what he found with us.  Made us feel comfortable with the purchase.


November 13, 2017                5/5 Stars

Anonymous Review (Thumbtack Customer).

I was very pleased to have Darrin do our inspection, especially as he has been licensed in a previous state which is not a requirement in UT.  He arrived early for the job, did a great job reviewing each of the concerns and answering my questions.  I was very happily surprised that he used an infrared gun to check for moisture when others usually charge $50-$100 for the service.  And to top it all off he did tall this during the midst of a personal tragedy.  His professionalism is above reproach.


September 30, 2017               5/5 Stars

Katie E.

Great job.  Thanks Darren!


September 26, 2017               5/5 Stars

Rebekah E.

You were great to work with.  Thanks for answering all of our questions.


September 7, 2017                 5/5 Stars

Mark W.

I’ve purchased 6 properties in my life, and Darren has for sure the best one I’ve worked with.  Responded fast, within hours, was at the property within 72 hours, and I had the report just about after he was finished.  We spoke at 9 pm at night regarding the condition of the property.  Amazing.  I highly recommend anyone considering him to use his services.  He is outstanding.


August 21, 2017                      5/5 Stars

Corey R.

I’m so glad we decided to go with Darren for our inspection.  We are first-time buyers and he was friendly, attentive and extremely helpful.  As he walked us through the home, he spent extra time with us discussing possible fixes, priority of the problems he found and he really gave us the confidence and knowledge to make educated decisions about our home purchase.  I would recommend him for anyone needing an inspection.


August 8, 2017                        5/5 Stars

Carlos R.

Darren was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and has great attention to detail.  He noticed something the home owners had failed to include in their disclosures and really saved me headache down the road.  Highly recommend for pre purchase home inspections.  Darren was able to give me tons of solid advice on how to maintain different aspects of the home as well. *If you’re going to have mold testing done, just make sure to ask for that ahead of time, so he doesn’t have to make two trips, my bad Darren!


July 27, 2018              5/5 Stars

Kyle L.

Darren was a pleasure to work with.  We wanted to know exactly where our house stood before putting it on the market, and Darren delivered.  He is professional & personable, and gave us some great insight before selling the house.  I’d gladly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

July 26, 2017              5/5 Stars

Paige M.

Very thorough.  Thermal imaging and moisture detection tools.  I will use him again and would refer to everyone.


July 18, 2017              5/5 Stars

Daina K.

Darren was great and very willing to answer my first time buyer questions. Definitely a great experience!


July 12, 2017                        5/5 Stars

Kathleen G. wrote:

Darren is excellent to work with. Followed through timely, was thorough in his inspection, pleasant and friendly to meet I'm very happy with his service.



July 1, 2017              5/5 Stars

Marissa P. wrote:

Darren was absolutely fabulous! He came and inspected our potential house the same day I contacted him without much notice. He was very thorough and friendly. He definitely knows what he's doing and excels beyond all expectations!!



June 30, 2017          5/5 Stars

Jennifer L. wrote:

Excellent service, analysis, and very detailed. Thank you for all your help and great tips. We WILL use in the future and recommend when possible!



June 25, 2017

Carli S. wrote:           5/5 Stars

Such a great experience! Darren was so detailed I am so confident in his results! He noticed things I feel like others would have missed.



June 1, 2017

Keith H. wrote:          4/5 Stars

Good value and easy to work with but didn't catch a plumbing issue without our help. It was understandable but nerve wracking.



May 25, 2017            5/5 Stars

Sharon H. wrote:

Darren was prompt and conscientious about not making a mess and doing a thorough inspection.



May 18, 2017            5/5 Stars

Taisia A. wrote:        

Darren was great! He actually saved us a potential lifetime worth of nightmares on a home that appeared very nice and sound--but had too many issues underneath. Darren was so, so, so incredibly thorough. I would recommend hiring him. Our real estate agent even got his card for the sole purpose of referring his business to future clients. Thanks again!



May 16, 2017            5/5 Stars

Liz B. wrote:

Great! Very good job, and very affordable!



May 2, 2017              5/5 Stars

Justin J. wrote:

Great price and not sacrificing quality. I feel Darren was especially thorough in the Inspection of the townhouse I have been in the process of buying.



May 2, 2017              5/5 Stars

Keilyn A. wrote:

He was very thorough and accommodating! Took the time to explain things well!



March 19, 2017        5/5 Stars

Tami H. wrote:

Darren was such a pleasure to work with. I received a bid within minutes of posting. We needed a home inspection done within a couple of days and Darren came through for us! His attention to detail is second to none! Every nook and cranny was inspected. He was professional and explained even the smallest finding possible. His price is phenomenal. There were absolutely no hidden fees. Thank you Darren for helping us through this home buying process! Truly a professional!!



March 5, 2017           5/5 Stars

Beckie G. wrote:

Excellent and detailed services! Best inspector we've ever used.



February 28, 2017   5/5 Stars

Robbie K. wrote:

Very thorough, great price, guaranteed his work.



January 20, 2017     5/5 Stars

Lulu F. wrote:

Very professional and knowledgeable.


January 7, 2017       5/5 Stars

Kenan K. wrote:

Working with Darren was great. He was quick to reply to all of my messages prior to the day of the inspection. He showed up early to the job site and started the inspection well before I was able to make it. During the inspection, he was able to answer my numerous questions and provided me with lots of examples of how I might be able to repair certain items in this home. In addition, the inspection report that I received contained 62 pages of detailed information (with images) regarding all of the items flagged during the inspection. And, he even offers a FREE re-inspection within 12 months - an amazing value & very strategic move to make right before your home warranty expires! Overall, Darren is very pleasant to work with, has a sense of humor and understands that the home-buying process can be stressful - especially for first-time buyers! His work allows me to confidently proceed with this purchase.


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January 7, 2017       5/5 Stars

Douglas L. wrote:

PPi inspection was great. Excellent value and a very good report on the things that matter to me. I am an investor and I don't need fluff. I need to know what the real problems are and what fixes are recommended. Great job and fast too!



October 14, 2016      5/5 Stars

Eric G. wrote:

Prompt, thorough, and professional.



October 12, 2016      5/5 Stars

Kip W. wrote:

Darren did not disappoint. I will recommend him to friends and family.



October 8, 2016        5/5 Stars

Gary S. wrote:

Did an excellent job on the inspection.



September 27, 2016            5/5 Stars

Ryan D. wrote:

Darren provides great service on short notice. He was very thoughtful and detailed in his report. I highly recommend his services.




September 25, 2016            5/5 Stars

Becky J. wrote:

Darren was phenomenal. I wasn't able to make the inspection (as I currently live out of the state), but he was willing to coordinate meeting times with my dad to see the house. I requested him super last minute, but he was flexible and able to make my extremely tight schedule. He even came back after a few days (after a nice heavy rain) to re-inspect any leaks or water damage in the basement. He went above and beyond to ensure my inspection was completed to the highest possible caliber. The report was extremely thorough and I love the addition of photographs. As a first-time home purchaser, I wasn't sure what to expect - he walked me through any questions I had and was willing to discuss options with me. I can't say enough amazing things about Darren. I did my shopping around for a home inspector, and I am confident I chose the correct one. I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again!!



September 21, 2016            5/5 Stars

Riley M. wrote:

I was super impressed with the service I received. PPi was incredibly responsive to my questions, helpful in every way, and made the stress of this whole inspection a breeze. After the initial inspection, he let me know that the gas wasn't turned on at the home and that he would come back for free to make sure everything was good, once it was turned on. I felt that he really cared. I would absolutely contact him again if I needed another inspection. Thank you again!!



August 7, 2016         5/5 Stars

Eddie C. wrote:

We have used PPi twice in Sarasota FL. On both occasions we were there and were very impressed with the attention to detail by the inspector. They were professional and courteous from start to finish. And We give them a 10 plus in the 2 areas that are very important to us, promptness and communication, We are property investors and will use PPi exclusively from here on. Eddie C




August 6, 2016         5/5 Stars

Laura T. wrote:

Mr. Pratley was excellent-very knowledgeable. I appreciate attention to customer service, efficiency and professionalism and PPi represents all of those qualities. Highly recommend!



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

David P. wrote:

PPI - Did a fantastic job with our home inspection. He was very thorough and pointed out things I would not have noticed. We did have a few things break down after we moved in but because Darren documented they worked when we moved in the warranty company covered it all. I loved the online portal to my inspection so I can look up whenever I need to reference it. If you want a great Home Inspection go PPI.



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

Peg K. wrote:

Had Mr. Pratley inspect a home I was perusing to purchase. He was personable, professional, and showed up on time for our appointment. He did a thorough exam of the residence. I would highly recommend PPi for your inspection needs!



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

Bethany S. wrote:

If you are in need of a home inspector Daren is your guy! He is licensed and certified! Daren worked around our busy schedules and did a great job not only inspecting our home we were selling but the home we were purchasing. His prices were affordable he had the reports back next day!! I would highly recommend!



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

Joshua S. wrote:

PPI inspected the home I am selling and the home I am purchasing. Both inspections were done very well and the detailed reports were a huge help to getting the property ready to sell and finding the items needing care on the new property. PPI will do the job professionally and accurately.



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

Patricia M. wrote:

Highly recommend. Professional, courteous and fairly priced service.



August 5, 2016         5/5 Stars

Paige P. wrote:

I had my home inspected before buying it. Darren Pratley was very thorough in his inspection. He found things to fix that I would not have even thought of. Then he offered ways to fix it. Lucky for me, they were a few easy fixes. He was very polite and professional. He was fair in pricing too. I would definitely recommend him!


December 1, 2015   5/5 Stars

Becky & Steven wrote:

Very easy to work with, and awesome inspection!  We are first time home buyers, and Darren went to great lengths - above and beyond, actually - to make sure all our questions and concerns were addressed.  He told us what to expect, and what to look for to keep our home in good shape.  We are thrilled with our new home, and the inspection we received from PPi.  Definitely recommend this company!


November 14, 2015             5/5 Stars

Dani P. wrote:

As an Insurance Agent, working with Inspectors can be a nightmare.  Or it can be worse than that.  Working with PPi was, instead, a pleasure.  The inspector arrives early, educates the customer, and has the report prepared professionally and efficiently in a timely manner.  His professionalism and courteousness is leaps and bounds above what I have experienced with most Inspectors.  I highly recommend this Company!



October 12, 2015                  5/5 Stars

Erika A. wrote:

You can count on PPi to give you accurate information!

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Joshua C.
88 reviews 8d ago

Darren did a fantastic job and was very thorough with our new home. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing to use a reliable inspector.

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